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Modern Appliances with Retro Design

A friend of mine bought a home with a late 50’s kitchen – complete with metal cabinets, original appliances, the whole nine yards.  It is cute as a button but less than practical for today’s cooking needs.  If you love the retro look (or love to mix and match like I do – how cool […]

Tech Up a Birthday Party

Yesterday we hosted a party at our home for our son’s 3rd birthday.  We decided on a “Little Man” themed bash, which is all the rage these days, because it was so fitting for our little guy’s personality. I decorated the house with ties, black and white photos and all things plaid and manly. We […]

Bluetooth isn’t just for hands free calling

We bought a new vehicle late last year, and it came with a free trial subscription to Sirius satellite radio.  Living in such a terrible radio market as we do, it was quickly a favorite feature of the new ride.  Before I knew it though, the subscription had run out and my husband and I […]

My Favorite Way to Laugh Uncontrollably

If you haven’t seen this yet, you must go there now.  Having a bad day?  Take a look at someone else’s awkward photos and laugh that stress away.  Works for me every time! A personal favorite is “The Bird.” It will not disappoint. Thanks Technically Incorrect!

The Only Restaurant Website You’ll Ever Need

I recently stumbled upon when searching for directions to a new restaurant where I was meeting a friend for lunch. Wow, what a find! It’s a one-stop-shop for all things a foodie would appreciate – it includes all the relevant info like location, map, phone number, price range, and style of food, but I […]

Online Resources for Babysitting Services

Finding the occasional weekend babysitter has been a challenge for our family.  Only my husband’s family lives in the same town we do, and while they’ve been great to watch our son whenever they can, we still run into a scheduling conflict every now and then.  Now that my son is nearly two, I would […]

Spokeo – TMI or handy tool?

In this digital age, our personal information is readily accessible to all – often whether you choose to share it or not.  I’ve been seeing a lot of hubbub lately about a new website called Spokeo, which calls itself a “social network aggregator.”  This seemed like a good idea – I’m all for simplifying information […]

When Tech Goes Too Far

Wow, I just had to shake my head when I read this.. FineThanx checks on Grandma so you don’t have to from the Health Tech blog on In my opinion, technology exists to help make our lives easier and free up more time in our day for the things that really matter – family, […]

Tech Loving Mom is Moving!

No, not the website – the woman!  We have more than outgrown our adorable but tiny first home and are so excited to be moving to a new, roomier place.  Doubled our square footage – hello!  I’m not sure what we’ll even do with that much space, but it’s a problem I look forward to […]

Back, and Announcing a New Series!

I’m back!  While we’re nowhere near done with the settling process in the new house, I just couldn’t wait to jump back in and share with you some of my newest tech loves (Hello Uverse!). While I was away, I had what I think is a great idea for a new series on the blog.  […]