Back, and Announcing a New Series!


I’m back!  While we’re nowhere near done with the settling process in the new house, I just couldn’t wait to jump back in and share with you some of my newest tech loves (Hello Uverse!).

While I was away, I had what I think is a great idea for a new series on the blog.  I am fantastically anal when it comes to making big purchases – televisions, a new cell phone and carrier, etc.  It usually takes me months to research, debate and find the best deal I can before pulling the trigger.  (Which I’m certain stems from my mom – the woman once took nearly two years to decide on a new couch!)  I thought it would be fun to share my decision-making process and show you how much money I saved through my efforts.  I’m calling it “The Selecting Saga” and while it won’t be as enthralling as The Twilight Saga, I hope it will save you a little time if you’re considering a similar big purchase.

First up – “The Selecting a Cell Phone Saga: Evolution”  Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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