Cool Gadgets

Modern Appliances with Retro Design

A friend of mine bought a home with a late 50’s kitchen – complete with metal cabinets, original appliances, the whole nine yards.  It is cute as a button but less than practical for today’s cooking needs.  If you love the retro look (or love to mix and match like I do – how cool […]

Father’s Day Tech Gift for Under $30

Here’s an awesome tech gift for any dad – and it’s under $30!  I’ve talked about  the virtues of my Roomba before; now check out the outdoor version that will certainly make dad’s life easier.  The iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robotallows dad to spend less time perched precariously on a ladder, and more time with […]

Food storage made easy

I am woefully inept in the kitchen.  My own mom wasn’t big into cooking, so I’ve never really learned even kitchen basics.  It’s definitely not her fault though – up until I became a mom, my husband and I were perfectly content with our mostly-eating-out-and-really-only-eating-burgers-on-the-grill-and-pizza-at-home strategy.  But I’ve gone through somewhat of a food epiphany […]

Pollenapalooza 2010

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’ve been doing nothing but picking up used kleenex and doling out Claritin for the past week.  Gee thanks Mother Nature!  In honor of the fact that two thirds of our country is experiencing the worst pollen season EVER, I thought this would be a great […]