PR Friendly

This blog welcomes opportunities to partner with you on your product launch.  Contact me at to discuss options.

Product Review – If you would like me to use and evaluate your product and give an absolutely honest opinion of it from the perspective of a modern mom, contact me! I can let people know about your product, and link directly to your site to drive sales.  Include a giveaway to drive even more traffic.  Rate for this service is free – reviews add value for my readers, as well as for your company.

Send me a detailed description of the product or service you would like to have reviewed and/or give away.  Products must align with the goals of this site.  In order for me to review any products, I do require a sample of your item.  Your sample product will not be returned to you, and you are responsible for all  postage and handling fees. For giveaways, I will notify you of the winner and the product should be shipped directly to them.  Reviews will be posted within 30 days of receiving the product, depending on how much use is required to fully evaluate the product.